Proud Dad

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I am now coaching full time with the Park City Nordic Ski Club. Park City, UT USA.

Photo Update

Guro, Thor, and I are soon returning to Park City. Thor and Mom are very healthy and happy. Guro has finally received her Fiancé Visa so we can now get married. Thor has his passports Norwegian and USA along with all the rest of his paperwork. Thor has a very strong personality and is a very calm quiet boy. We have had a great time getting to know each other day by day. Thor is now 3.9kg/8.5lb and 55cm/20″ long. He has been eating very well! Guro and I are so happy to finally be parents!

Helmet Cam Videos

See what it’s like to zoom down the hill and take a big jump, with Alan’s new Helmet Cam! Click on the image to the right to watch the latest helmet cam video from the K-120 in Sapporo, Japan.

What’s New

I am in Oslo, Norway with Guro and Thor my son. I am so happy and proud to be a Dad. Thor was born in Oslo on the 8th at 11:56am.

Guro was so tough and the birth went very very well.

Mom, Thor, and I are now home getting use to the new family member here in Oslo. We are soon back in the USA so DAD can work and support his new family. The winter is soon here and it has been an amazing summer for me!

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